Job Growth & Economic Development

*Cooperatively support new and expanding businesses in Kenton County
*Evaluate site readiness and availability for companies to come to our community
*Invest in local economic development support for our cities
*Support more tech and knowledge based economic development
*Make Kenton County more business friendly by removing red tape and making it easier to do
business with the County

Responsible, Transparent Government

*Reorganize CVG airport board with State legislators to increase performance and oversight
*Closely manage spending in all departments to improve efficiency
*Advocate to remove Judge Executive from taxpayer-funded pension system
*Implement online financial records so taxpayers can see expenditures and trends
*Accomplish new updated accounting software to more easily manage county finances
*Update Occupational Licensing software for easier use by businesses and cities
*Improve communication with citizens throughout county with online newsletter
*Invest in and implement first three-county digital radio system supporting first responders
*Solve long term issue of County administration offices
*Privatize county-owned golf course to improve operation and stability financial losses
*Develop 5 year plan to better evaluate condition of County’s finances

Strong Communities

*Work cooperatively across the region in all areas of heroin epidemic
*Attack the heroin problem head on by acting now regionally
*Respectfully and cooperatively work with all 19 mayors and cities
*Professionally evaluate a merger of the County Police and Sheriff ’s departments
*Finalize 911 consolidation in Kenton County with a regional mindset to save money
*Be a voice for ALL communities from Covington to Piner and in between