Job Growth & Economic Development

*Incentivize businesses for local job creation
*Create Economic Development Council to advise the Fiscal Court
*Invest in an Economic Development Director to spearhead business growth
*Make Kenton County “Business Friendly” by removing red tape and lowering taxes

Responsible, Transparent Government

*Cut wasteful spending in ALL departments
*Assemble an independent panel to recommend board appointees
*Remove Judge Executive from the taxpayer-funded pension system
*Eliminate unnecessary vehicles for County Judge Executive and his Deputy
*Eliminate the political position of “Deputy Judge Executive” ($100,000+ annually)
*Share services where we can save taxpayers’ dollars without impacting quality

Strong Communities

*Attack the heroin problem head on by acting now regionally
*Respectfully and cooperatively work with all 19 mayors and cities
*Professionally evaluate a merger of the County Police and Sheriff ’s departments
*Finalize 911 consolidation in Kenton County with a regional mindset to save money
*Be a voice for ALL communities from Covington to Piner and in between